Spatial Dimension Manufacturing

The Spatial Manufacturing Suite

Mastering Every Dimension of Spatial Computing in Manufacturing

The future of manufacturing is a place where technology and practicality intersect to enhance efficiency, safety, and adaptability in industrial operations. At The Spatial Manufacturing Package, we integrate spatial computing with traditional manufacturing processes to bring you a new era of production possibilities.

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What We Offer

Spatial computing isn't just a buzzword; it's a transformative approach that can significantly elevate the operational capacities of your business. Our package offers tailored solutions that harness the power of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and beyond to enhance your manufacturing landscape.

Our Solutions

In the diverse mix of our solutions and ready-to-go options, we find the sweet spot—the ideal solution for your organization. Whether you're exploring a bespoke integration tailored specifically to your needs or selecting from our suite of pre-configured tools, we're here to ensure a perfect match that enhances your operational capabilities.

We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in the dynamic field of manufacturing. Our multi-layered approach allows you to integrate various technologies as standalone solutions or in combination, depending on your specific needs and challenges.

Multi-Layered Approach

  • Start Small or Scale Fast: Whether you want to pilot a single technology or deploy multiple integrations, our flexible solutions are designed to fit your unique production scale and goals.

  • Overlap and Reusability: Our technologies are designed to overlap and integrate seamlessly, ensuring that you can scale up or pivot without redundancy costs.
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Ready-to-Go Solutions

We combine the tools and technologies that best fit your needs but also offer a few solutions that are ready to implement immediately:

  • Warehouse Builder: Plan and visualize warehouse layouts using our advanced VR tools to maximize space and efficiency.

  • Product/Machine Explorer: Explore detailed models of products and machinery in a virtual environment to improve understanding and maintenance protocols.

  • Multi-User Virtual/Remote Training Solution: Conduct comprehensive training sessions remotely, allowing for flexibility and continuous learning across your team.

  • Virtual Product Launches/Training: Launch new products with virtual events that captivate and engage customers and stakeholders worldwide.

  • Forklift Safety Simulator: Enhance safety and reduce the risk of accidents with our immersive training simulator for forklift operations.


Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

Our spatial computing solutions are designed to make your operations safer and more efficient.

Attractiveness and Innovation

Introduce cutting-edge technology into your production processes to not only improve output but also boost your company's appeal to skilled professionals and tech-savvy investors.

  • Safety First

    Advanced AR interfaces that provide real-time data to prevent accidents and ensure compliance with safety protocols.

  • Increased Efficiency

    VR simulations that streamline planning and training processes, significantly reducing downtime and errors.

Immersive Training

Support and Training

Overcoming Resistance

Change is often met with skepticism, which is why we provide comprehensive support throughout your journey:

  • Introductory Workshops

    Get hands-on with the technologies and see the benefits in real-time.

  • Custom Training Sessions

    Ensure every team member is confident and proficient in utilizing new tools.

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